The single jet atomizer is designed for generating polydisperse aerosol from a liquid solution. Submicron liquid or solid aerosol with wide range of chemical composition can be generated, as long as it can dissolve or suspend in liquid (e.g. water and less volatile organic solvent). The atomizer is able to give constant aerosol output with different flowrate that depends on the inlet pressure (Figure 1). The liquid consumption rate is approximately 6 ml/hr with inlet pressure of 30 psi.


Figure 1 Atomizer output flowrate at different inlet pressure

Figure 2 Size distribution of ~0.01 (left) and ~0.1 (right) weight% NaCl aerosol generated by 7388SJA and diffusion dryer

Figure 2 shows a typical particle size distribution of dried NaCl aerosol. Different particle size modes can be generated by varying the concentration of the solution.

7388SJA Single Jet Atomizer

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