This compressed air filtration system is designed to clean, dry and regulate incoming compressed air for aerosol generation. It contains coalescing filters to remove oil/other liquid droplets and particles from the incoming air supply. It then removes moisture in the air stream by a membrane air dryer. In addition, it contains a high-efficient filter to remove fine particles and a final carbon-vapor filter to absorb any remaining oil vapors. It also has an air regulator to control the output air flow rate.

Compressed Air Filtration System(CAFS )


Flow rate (maximum): 85 L/min (3 cfm)

Inlet air pressure (maximum): 1000 kPa (150 psig)

Pressure regulator: 691 kPa (0-100 psig)

Filters: 1 x DX grades pre-filter, 1 x BX grade filter and 1 x final filter for oil vapor removal (Filters and membrane air dryer are manufactured by Parker Hannifin Corporation, USA)




Inlet: 1/4" Japanese-shape coupling (Male) or barb for 3/8" ID tubing

Outlet: Swagelok 1/4" tube connector

*Other fittings available upon request


文本框:  Guangzhou JV Photonics Co., Ltd.